13/35 on Soundview Avenue
By Ex-Chief Edward Boyd
March 15, 2024

At 1338 on Pi Day Southold Fire Department was dispatched to a call of "smoke in the area" on Soundview Avenue near Clark Road. First arriving Chief Cochran found not only smoke but a working fire in an unoccupied residential structure. Responding units secured a water supply using LDH from a local hydrant to 8-4-2 and 8-4-3 which allowed a quick knock down of the main body of fire. Although the structure was of a modest size, pockets of fire stubbornly resisted extinguishment and required a lengthy overhaul. Additional leadership at the scene was provided by Chief Damianos with the Greenport Fire Department on hand to assist with their RIT and the Cutchogue Fire Department for mutual aid. A good job done by all illustrating once again the benefits of continual training. All are invited to come out on Wednesday evenings to have some fun while sharpening their skills.