Electric Well Training
By Ex-Chief Edward Boyd
November 5, 2023

This week's Sunday morning training covered a little used but important part of our fire suppression arsenal, the electric well. Although the majority of the Southold Fire District is protected by hydrants maintained by the Suffolk County Water Authority, there are still portions of our District that have not yet received "street water." To provide a source of water in these areas, in addition to that carried by our tanker truck 8-4-6, there are three electric wells that are energized by a gasoline powered generator located on truck 8-4-15 and connected to the wells using a 50' extension cable.

The three electric wells in our District are located on Chablis Path, on Soundview Avenue west of Peconic Dunes Camp and on Red Fawn Way. They can be identified by their electrical connections which are painted bright green. Although their gallons per minute flow rates are modest when compared with a hydrant, their use at a major fire could provide additional water and obviate the need for a lengthy stretch of large diameter hose (LDH).

Sunday morning trainings are open to everyone and are generally of short duration. Be there and be part of the fun with other firefighters.