Firefighter-1 graduates practice extrication skills
By EMT-Jim Fredriksson Photos by Training Officer John Rumpler and ex-Chief Bill Byrnes.
May 3, 2023

Another excellent training scenario for several new graduates of the Suffolk County Firefighter Academy 'Firefighter -1' class took place at the SFD Sub-station last week. Chief David Surozenski and training Officer 'JR' Rumpler supervised an MVA extrication scenario as the firefighters continue their probationary training period on Wednesday May 3rd during the weekly in-house training session.

Along with ex-Chief Bill Byrnes leading the training were Lt. Dan Catapano and Lt. John Roslak. Ex-Capt. Steve Geehring operated 8-4-3, the Heavy Rescue pumper and Carmine Antonelle donated the 1991 pick-up truck that was cut to pieces with the heavy rescue extrication tools. These training drills are invaluable in preparing firefighters for real-life eventualities such as MVA extrications. After the training, hydraulic tool placements were reviewed and discussed on 8-4-2. Trainings encourage questions and opportunities for familiarization leading to quick action during incidents.