Protection Engine Company Annual Dinner-Cowboy Style
By EMT Jim Fredriksson
March 18, 2023

Protection Engine Co. #1 held their annual dinner in high Cowboy Style on Saturday March 18. Theme and decorations were handled beautifully by Deborah Cox and Janet Auer who did a fantastic job. The Firemen's Room was deftly transformed into a saloon right out of Deadwood, SD. There were plenty of sheriffs on hand to handle unruly cowpokes and a few rustlers too. Despite all the lawmen on-hand one cowboy managed to ride his horse right into the saloon! The vittles were delicious with large helpings of ribs, spicy chili, to some people anyway, cowboy caviar and vegetarian chili for, well...vegetarians! Plenty of "howdy pardner's' and "mighty fine evening little lady" were tossed about as the hoe-down progressed. Undoubtedly, a great time was had by all!