End of an Era in Southold and a New Life to Support Fallen Firefighters Throughout the Country
By Ex-Chief Edward Boyd
January 13, 2023

On Tuesday, January 10th, three large trucks from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation arrived in Southold to collect various pieces of fire apparatus that had been part of Keith and MJ Purcell's collection and to transport them to the Foundation's headquarters in Emmitsburg, Maryland, where they will be cleaned, brought to top operating condition and offered for sale. The proceeds of these sales will be used to benefit the charitable works of the Foundation. Among the items bequeathed to the Fondation by the Purcells were several of Southold Fire Department's retired units including Maxim 2, Maxim 3, and the Racing Team Truck. Our thanks to these vehicles for the service they gave to Southold, to the Purcells for preserving them, and to the Foundation for moving them along to the next stages of their lives where they will aid the Foundation's work of supporting fallen firefighters families. As an aside, it should be noted that all of the ex-SFD units started immediately and were able to be driven onto the transport trucks to begin their new lives. For more information on the Foundation, please see: https://www.firehero.org/