It was raining, but it does that in real life too!
By Ex-Chief Edward Boyd
November 13, 2022

On Sunday morning SFD hosted a water rescue drill professionally staged by Chief David and Training Officer JR. It seems that two duck hunters were overdue from a trip to the Goose Bay area and their families were concerned, particularly because one had a cardiac condition. With the mutual aid assistance of the Cutchogue FD, two inflatables were deployed in conjunction with a simultaneous shoreline search. Within minutes, the hunters' boat was located, the cardiac patient was transported to land and to a waiting ambulance. The other hunter who had become mired in mud while trying to reach aid was extricated and brought to shore. A good job was done by all despite a shortage of personnel. Remember, the weather is not always the best when our friends and neighbors need our help. It is important that we continue to train in poor conditions so that we can adapt our responses to all weathers. (Photos by 8-4-31)