Multi-vehicle MVA with multiple casualty extrication training
By Firefighter - EMT Jim Fredriksson
August 1, 2022

On August 1, 2022, SFD conducted a Multiple casualty training exercise led by 1st Asst. Chief/Training Officer D. Surozenski and Training Officer J.R. Rumpler. The SFD Osprey mascot, residing on a utility pole across the street from the Sub-station kept a keen eye on the proceedings.
After an efficient prep and tool set-up by the heavy-rescue crews and EMT's, victim rescue was under way. During this particular training exercise we had an unfortunate incident with one of the "victims". It is moments like these where the fine points of extrication can be examined and the how's and why's dissected to prevent similar occurrences at "real" incidents. Fortunately our "training victim" was salvaged unharmed but this incident highlights the need for constant training.