Food Drive
By Chief Peggy Killian
February 22, 2021

1st. Lt. of Rescue Cathy Wilinski made a suggestion to do a food drive for people who are in need. Awesome idea since fire departments are always giving of themselves to help others. Compared to putting out a fire or rescuing a person in need this would be a breeze. This time the community showed how much they would like to help their neighbors by donations of food and non-perishable goods filling the truck full of their donations it had to be emptied 2x a day over the weekend.

The Fireman's room full of donations : 7 tables, the pool table, chairs, the floor all counters no room left to put stuff. Cathy's committee separated all the items and boxed everything to be given out.

We are so happy to be a member of our small community and seeing how much people help people.

i would like to thank the committee Lt. Cathy Wilinski, Capt. Mike Gosinski, Lt. Deb Cox, Firemans: John Funke, Allison Uribe
Peter Lesica, Lauren Uribe, Carol Miller, Ryan Weingart