Forcible Entry Training
By Firefighter - EMT Jim Fredriksson
January 25, 2021

Firefighter and SFD Company Captain Chris Kirincic and Training Officer John Rumpler demonstrate the techniques for gaining forcible entry through a secured doorway into a residence or business on the newly acquired training device. Followers of this blog will recall that training at SFD is considered a number 1 priority, is scheduled monthly and is open to all members of SFD. Preparedness through training is a major factor for safe and efficient responses to emergencies and the SFD training schedule reflects that philosophy.
Every member has the opportunity to use the tools and practice the skills required to perform safely and effectively while protecting life and property.
SFD also conducted "Maze" training and mask confidence during this cycle to incorporate multiple training opportunities for both firefighters and EMT's. The SFD Rescue Squad is present at trainings to provide safety and wellness checks after the rigorous training experience in the maze.

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