Flashover Training at Yaphank Fire Academy
By Firefighter Jim Fredriksson
September 17, 2019

At 19:00 on September 17, 2019, eighteen SFD firefighters participated in another extremely "HOT" training session. These firefighters are witnessing firsthand the incredible power and heat that can be generated at fire incidents. In highly controlled situations they enter the training apparatus and the instructors create conditions where temperatures reached nearly 700 degrees. Inside the training facility we got to experience 'burning smoke', a condition that is a precursor to extremely explosive back drafts. As we witness and experience these conditions we become familiar with the conditions and how to safely alter them.

Every firefighting situation is deconstructed and new techniques are incorporated into training scenarios like these so that firefighters can effectively extinguish fires as safely as possible. New construction materials, fabrics and furnishings create hotter fires every year so, although a challenge, it is imperative to keep up with developing firefighting techniques.